How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

If you like to wear tank tops or sleeveless attire looks appealing to you but you just cannot because of your dark underarms then do not worry and avoid wearing such clothes instead get a treatment follow a quick home remedy and make you look better and clean.


Dark underarms often are the result of bad medical conditions and there are certain health problems that leave your underarms to be dark for example if you have an obesity, hormonal disorders, cancer or certain treatments than your dark underarms are the result of these medical problems and for the further treatment of dark underarms resulting from a medical problem you must consult your doctor to help you with this so he or she suggests you with the better treatment according to your disease.

One proper way, to avoid having dark underarms, is to take care of it make sure your underarms are given the required care and attention.

How to get rid of dark underarms fast

Following are some remedies that can help you get rid of dark underarms:

Eradicate the underarm hair:

Make sure you remove your underarm hair properly do not shave it as shaving it would only remove the hair off from your skin and leave the dark illusion to be created there, instead wax it try waxing your underarms so the hair is removed from the roots of it completely.

Get rid of the dead skin:

Make sure you don’t have a dark underarm skin as skin cells that are dead would make your underarm look darker for avoiding such a situation you must go for exfoliation and it would take out all the darkness and dirt out of your underarms skin which is actually the reason why your underarms look dark and dirty. And also cleansing is one of the very essential treatment to be used for such dark underarms. Using the scrubs that have acid will help to remove all the impurities and make your skin look lightened.

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Rinse underarm daily:

Do not only wash your underarms while and when you take bath but wash it every day, your underarms need a daily care and washing them up on daily basis will keep removing the dirt and darkness everyday instead of clearing the layers of it when taking shower. It’s easy and better to wash it every day to make sure there is no dirt prolonged to create more darkness on your underarms. Try taking a steamer instead, this is the best way you can remove the darkness off your underarms taking a steamer for about ten minutes will remove the dead clogged cells and also enlighten your skin tone.

Use cotton balls:

use cotton balls

The dead cells and dirt can be easily removed by the usage of cotton balls, all, you need to do, is take one cotton ball dip it in a warm water make sure it’s wet properly and then place it on your underarm skin for around ten minutes. Take another cotton ball dip it also in a warm water and now start rubbing this cotton ball for about ten minutes on the skin. This procedure will help you to make your underarms look clean and tidy.

Eliminate deodorants:

It is commonly found that most of the women are even now into this trend of using deodorants they feel it is an easy to carry remedy for your underarms, all the working women or women that tends to stay out of the house for long time do carry deodorants with them in their bags for sure. But what to be noticed is using a deodorant can harm your skin badly can create the darkness over it and makes the skin look dirty, deodorant has got the elements of chemical in  it which end up darkening your skin only so it is highly suggested to avoid the use of deodorizers.

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Coconut oil:

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can also be very effective in getting rid of dark underarms and can help your skin look brighter as it has contained vitamin E, coconut oil is also used as a natural deodorant.

Apply the coconut oil to your underarm skin and massage it well to make sure it is absorbed properly in the skin  let the oil be on your skin for about ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it with water (lukewarm) you can use a mild soap to remove the oil from skin completely. You can try this procedure for two or three times a day to get better and desired results.


Milk is something that has got all the desired and required fatty acids and vitamins that contain the ability to minimize the darkness of your skin completely it will also make your skin softer and also make the skin tone much tighter.

Take two tablespoon full fatty milk, one of flour and one teaspoon(one) of yogurt and start making a paste thick and then after the paste is made start applying it on your underarms let the paste be there for about ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it with a cold water gently. You can also repeat this procedure twice or thrice a week.



Vinegar can also be the one ingredient to save your underarms skin from dead cells and extract the dirt out of your underarms completely. Not only it will help your underarms skin look brighter but will also kill the germs and bacteria from skin causing underarm odor.

Take a vinegar and mix it with rice flour to make a thick paste. Also, take a hot water shower and then apply the thick paste on your underarms. Keep it there for 10 to 15 minutes and then you can easily rinse it off with warm water. Keep practicing this about fewer times in a week.

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