Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short haired women have an enormous space to do some hair styling. They can show off their hair by making some pretty hairstyles that are not even very difficult. They can be made quite easily with the usual hair accessories and products.

Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Easy hairstyles do not mean that they are not beautiful. They are just tactful. Learn to make them and a hair stylist will not be needed in the future. You will be your own hair stylist. Just learn which styles suit your face shape and the texture of hair so that you look perfect for any kind of event.

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

  • Waterfall Braid

Braids are very smart and easy to make. But women with shorter hair tend to adapt themselves away from the idea of braids because of short hair length. It is wrong notion which needs to be changed. Braids can be made on the sides as well. The waterfall braid is one that is made using two portions of hair taken from one side just above the right ear. Work it through from the back, reaching the left side. Pin the two portions at the back with Bobby pins. Once a person gets to know how to make it, it will not take more than five minutes.

  • Messy Look

Messy look is the new trend this year. People with short hair, complain that they cannot make their hair messy, but that is not true. Just tease your hair a bit using some hair spray. Do not use a teasing brush; instead use your fingers. Tie up the hair just above the nape of your neck. The ponytail will be short. In order to give the messy look, pull out some hair from the sides as well. This is especially for those girls who wish to go to school in a stylish outlook. It also looks really nice with a casual attire.

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is the new fashion statement. It makes a person look cute and pretty. Tidy hairstyles will give you the prim cute look; whereas messy hairstyles will make you look fashionably cute. Make variations in the way you make up your hair so that each day the world sees a completely new person. Stop boring yourself and the people around with the same typical look. Bring uniqueness with your hair styles!

  • The Hair Bow

This is an extremely cute hairstyle for short hair. It will only take a few minutes of your time and you will get to have a hairstyle that is pretty and fabulous. Just take very small sections of hair from both the sides and pull them at the back of your head. Cross those sections and tie them into a beautiful bow. You do not need any hair accessories to make it look beautiful. It is fine without any extra embellishments. Just use some hair spray to give firmness to the bow. Straighten your fringes or bangs from the front to give a complete cute look.

  • The Halfway Knot

This is an extremely easy hair style. A pretty hair clip is needed to make it look even more beautiful. Take the front half of your hair and divide into two portions. At the back of your head, tie them into a regular knot. The sections shouldn’t be small like they were in the hair bow. The tie will be a little larger than that. Secure the knot with the hair clip just under it. If you want to make the knot look more prominent, just secure it using hidden Bobby pins instead of a hair clip.

  • Twisters

Twisters are cute and amazing. They give a girlish look as well. Just take small portions of the front hair along the hairline. Twist a little and then pin them back with a Bobby pin. Use glitter or beads to make them prominent if you wish to. You can either make just 5-6 twisters in the middle, or make them all over the front. The rest of the hair at the back can be left open. You can put waves or curls as well if you wish.

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Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles should be pretty, cute, quick and easy. If you know such hair styles, then what else would come in handy each morning? In fact, every woman should know how to make such hair styles according to their hair length and type so that each day, they have something different to show to the world. It will automatically boost up their confidence and they will spend the rest of the day in a cheerful mood.


  • Braid Bun

Who says women with short hair cannot make updo’s? It definitely is a myth. Updo’s can be made on hair, which reaches slightly below the shoulders. Although the updo will not be huge and pompous, but it will surely be cute and pretty. Adding braids with an updo always give it a classical Dutchess look. Make French braids on both sides of your head after parting your hair from the middle. Pin the braids by pushing the Bobby pins underneath your hair. Now take up all of the hair and roll them into a bun and secure with pins. Add small beads in each twist of the braid to give an extra cute look.

  • The Knotted Bun

Another way you can make an elegant, easy updo is by first tying up all your hair on top of the head into a high ponytail. You can tease your hair from the front as well if you wish. Then divide the hair coming out of the ponytail into two portions and tie a big knot. Roll it over and then around so that the knot sits on the outer side. Secure using small Bobby pins.

  • Chic Waves

Wavy hair looks really attractive. Some of the best chic hairstyles this season include wavy hair, whether the hair is long or short. If your hair is naturally wavy, then it is great. Just straighten up your fringes or bangs so that they rest on your forehead. But if otherwise, use a straightening iron to make your hair wavy. First moisturize all of your hair using a hair cream. Take small portions of hair each time and pull the iron through, all the while twisting it as well. This will leave your hair wavy. Use hair spray to lock down the waves.

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