How to Get Rid of Hickies

How to Get Rid of Hickies? Hickies are mark or bruise created due to kissing or sucking. Kissing the skin very hard kills the capillaries resulting in red or purple skin. It does not last more than a week in general. But, if it is on your face or neck, you definitely want it gone overnight.

It is not something that needs medical attention, you can deal with it easily by trying the following home remedies. The remedies I am about to share are safe and tested. You can select anyone of the following tips.

how to get rid of hickies

How to Get Rid of Hickies


Peppermint is commodious in increasing blood circulation. Which makes it extremely useful to get rid of hickies. Almost everybody has peppermint at the house in some form. Even if you don’t, you can get it easily from any nearby store. I am about to share two different ways you can use to heal your hickey via peppermint. Both of these tips are effective and trusted.

  • Apply peppermint oil on the affected area of your skin, be very gentle when you apply the oil. The oil will have tingling affect in the beginning and it may last for a few minutes. You can massage the affected area of the skin gently, using your hands. Make sure you do not rub your skin too much. You can use warm water or a smooth washcloth to remove the peppermint oil once the tingling stops. Use it once or twice a day, not more than that.
  • If you cannot get a hand on peppermint oil or something like that, you can use peppermint toothpaste that you already have in your bathroom. It may not be as effective as pure peppermint products, but it is still good enough to heal a hickey. Gently apply peppermint toothpaste on the affected area of your skin and wait until the tingling stops. Do not rub your skin. Applying the paste is good enough. You can use warm water or a smooth washcloth to wipe out the paste once the tingling stops. However, it is recommended to use warm water instead of washcloth. You can apply peppermint paste as soon as you get a hickey, but do not repeat the process more than twice a day.


Alcohol is a disinfectant. Yeah! That’s what you just read. You can use alcohol to get rid of hickies. It is not only a disinfectant but also a quick healer. Here is how you can use your drink to heal your hickey.

  • Apply alcohol to the affected area of your skin using a bar of cotton. You can use tissue papers if you do not have a bar of cotton at home. The point is to apply the alcohol gently.
  • Rub the affected area very gently using tissue papers or a bar of cotton. Don’t be hard on yourself.
  • Use a lotion as lubricant after you have applied alcohol, and leave it for some time.
  • Repeat the process a few times and you will see the color of the hickey fading away. Once it starts healing your body will generate more antibodies and the process will boost up.
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Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer and it helps your skin to fight against bruises. It strengthens capillaries that boosts up the healing process. It also gives a soothing affect and provides relief. The inflammatory effect of the hickey will also go away if you use Aloe Vera. Read the following points carefully to use it.

  • Apply Aloe Vera oil to the affected area of your skin, massage it for a few minutes and then leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. You can extract fresh Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe Vera plant at home. If you do not have the plant then you can buy Aloe Vera oil or gel from the market. Make sure you buy a good brand.
  • Wash your skin using warm water and then wipe it out using smooth washcloth. Be very gentle and do not rub the affected area hardly. It will make it worse.

Banana peel

Experts suggest banana peel as a natural diet for the skin, a healthy skin is definitely more likely to deal with problems such as hickies. We can buy banana easily from the market. Here is how you can use banana peel to get rid of a hickey.

  • Gently massage your skin with a banana peel.
  • Do not rub it hard
  • Wash your skin using warm water
  • Another way of using banana peel is to place it on the affected area for about twenty minutes. Wash your skin after that. Use warm water or smooth washcloth.
  • Repeat the process three to four times a day to get rid of the hickey quickly.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K prevents blood clotting, since a hickey is also a result of blood clotting, vitamin K becomes all important in dealing with the aforementioned problem.

You can get a tube of cream or gel rich in vitamin K and apply it to the affected area. Do not massage it. Just leave it for at least thirty minutes so that the skin absorbs the most of it. Washing the skin will not be necessary unless you want to go out, in which case you can use lukewarm water to wash the skin. Repeat the process three to four times a day for quick results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is valuable in healing marks and bruises, it is found in many natural fruits and vegetables. Orange is rich in Vitamin C, which makes it valuable to get rid of hickies. You cannot use oranges orally to heal hickies, but you can drink fresh orange juices to boost up the healing process. So if you are already using any of the above home based remedies, you should also drink a few glasses or orange juice a day. Make sure you drink fresh orange juice instead of synthesized ones.

Warm Washcloth

Once your hickey gets two or three days older, you can use warm water to heal it. Heat stimulates your skin and allows the fresh blood to replace the clotted blood. However, you have to be careful when about apply heat to your skin, especially if you have a sensitive one. Use the following method.

  • Dip a washcloth in warm water and keep it on the affected area of your skin. Keep it there for as long as you feel the warmth of the washcloth.
  • Repeat the process five to six times a day.
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A massage is an option if your hickey is two to three days old. Massage strengthens the skin and stimulates the particular area of the skin to improve blood circulation. You can use lotion or oil and gently massage the affected area of your skin. Repeat the process for about fifteen minutes and two times a day. Wash out after the massage using warm water. Do not use cold water after the massage. The cold water will make it worse.

Moisturizers such as Cocoa Butter or Almond Oil

Cocoa Butter is extremely good in healing the hickies, if you do not have cocoa butter at home you can use olive oil or almond oil instead. Use the following method to get quick results.

  • Dip a smooth washcloth in warm water and then keep it on the affected area of your skin. Leave it on your skin for two minutes.
  • Once the skin is warm apply cocoa butter or olive oil and gently massage the skin.
  • Massage the skin for at least fifteen minutes.
  • Repeat the process two to three times a day.
  • Cocoa Butter is the best option among all the moisturizers, however, if it is not easily available then use olive oil or almond oil instead. They too have effective healing properties.

Stimulation Techniques

A hickey is basically a result of blood clotting under your skin, stimulation helps in replacing the blood clots with fresh blood. There are several methods that you can use to increase stimulation. You need to be careful using stimulation method as apply too much pressure or sharp tools can make the case worst for you. You can use the following ways to stimulate your skin.

  • A comb increases the stimulation of the skin, you can use hair brush, or a plastic comb not having sharp ends. Gently comb the affected area for ten minutes. Repeat the process twice a day.
  • You can use a vibrating toothbrush to increase stimulation of your skin. It is a safer way than using a comb or a hair brush.
  • Take a coin or a penny and press the affected area of your skin using the coin or the penny. You need to apply some pressure in the method. Be very careful when you apply pressure as you can end up hurting yourself.

You just learned ten ways to deal with your hickies, these are very effective and tested home based remedies, if you use the method prescribed, you are likely to get rid of hickies very soon.

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