How to Get Rid of Hip Fat

So, how to get rid of hip fat? We all have a right to have a beautiful body. There is a definition for a beautiful body in everybody’s mind. Most of us, however, believe that a slim and toned body is good enough. There are certain things that nullify the dream of a beautiful body, having extra fats on any part of the body is one of them. No matter where do you have extra fat, it looks ugly. My today’s article is about reducing extra hip fat. This may seem to be a relatively complex and more specific task but it is as simple as anything.

How to Get Rid of Hip Fat

We face hardships whenever we want to achieve something to stand out in a crowd. These hardships never stop us if we are committed and determined. Let us start with the simplest and the easiest steps to get rid of hip fat.

Limit the Consumption of Calories

Limit the Consumption of Calories

Losing calories is the most common and well known method of losing fats. The reason why this is important to get rid of hip fat is because in many cases one cannot simply lose hip fat without reducing daily calorie intake and thus losing overall weight. There are many ways of losing calories and restraining yourself from extra calorie intake, there is, however, dire need of having an appropriate plan in order to get quick and safe results. Here is how you can get started.

  • We are living in a digital world, most of us use smartphones. Many app stores provide applications that are handy in planning daily calorie intake. Download an application and see how many calories are you actually taking and consuming per day. It will allow you to make a proper plan and to reduce daily calorie intake.
  • Start with reducing 100 to 500 calories per day, reach the goal of reducing it to a level of 1000 calories per day. Do not reduce it any further because it may result in reducing salt and water level of your body and you may feel sluggish. In worst cases, it may disturb your body tone. So follow the steps very carefully.
  • Follow a diet plan and do not change it for at least a month. The results may not be very quick in some cases but try not to scramble through the process. Take it easy.

Eat When You Wake Up

Doctors suggest that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You must take 400 to 600 calories in the first hour after waking up. Not eating breakfast may tell your body to store extra fat instead of burning it. Point to be noted is that you must not take more than 600 calories or it will disturb your daily plan of reducing calorie intake. Remember that when you are aiming to achieve toned hips then your plan matters, one mistake may nullify all of your efforts. So once you make a plan you must not do anything to disturb it.

Eat Less but Eat Many Times

How to Get Rid of Hip Fat

Once you are on a diet you may feel dull and sluggish. This may lead you to eat more in any one meal of the day disturbing your plan altogether. One way of avoiding dullness and extra calories is to increase frequency of eating. Instead of eating twice or thrice a day you may eat 6 times a day but not taking more than a snack per time. This may not be possible for everyone to eat 6 to 8 times a day however for those who can do this, they must. It is a very useful and effective way of controlling your calorie intake whilst avoiding dullness. Here are sundry suggestions to enhance your daily diet plan.

  • Instead of eating fatty foods you can eat fruits and vegetables. They have no fats. Rather they have vitamins essential for your body tone which directly effects your body shape.
  • You can eat extra protein food item as your post work out snack. It is considered to be effective in losing weight.
  • You can use sweet potatoes, brown rice, long grain and quinoa as sources of carbohydrates, they contain low fats.
  • Avoid white potatoes, white rice, white pasta and white bread as sources of carbohydrates as they contain a high level of carbohydrates.
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Exercise Plan

Exercise Plan

Sometimes it is not enough to reduce calorie intake but it is also imperative to lose fats stored in your body by doing a little exercise. Now it is very important to choose which exercises you do. Cardiovascular exercise 3 to 5 times a day is valuable in losing extra hip fat. You will find all the necessary guide and plans on the internet on cardiovascular exercises. Here are a few effective tips that will save your time.

  • You can sign up for a circuit training gym and ask your trainer arrange cardio burn classes.
  • You should use machines such as stair steppers and treadmills during your exercise sessions.
  • The simplest exercise without joining any gym is swimming. It helps a great deal to get rid of hip fat. You should set intervals and days to interchangeably go for swimming and running.
  • Cycling is also an effective exercise to lose extra hip fat. It is also effective to lose thigh fats because cycling involves your hips and thighs more than any exercise does.

Drink Black Coffee

Drink Black Coffee

Fresh cup of coffee.

If you are following a workout routine, then drink black coffee before starting a workout session. The reason is that your body normally consumes sugar to maintain homeostasis, however, black coffee contains caffeine, which enables your body to use fats during the exercise. So while you are doing specific exercises to get rid of hip fat you will definitely lose more fats this way.

Surgery for Spot Fats

This may not be a viable option for everybody but it is an option if you have a toned body and you only have fats on a single part or spot of the body such as on hips. This is because reducing fats from a very small spot is sometimes the most difficult task. There are many types of surgical techniques that are helpful in reducing hip fat. They are perfectly safe and not so expensive either. However these types of surgeries are not in your medical insurance plan, you will have to pay for it from your budget.

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Drink a lot WaterDrink a lot Water

Water increases the metabolism of the body, in order to lose extra hip fat it is important that your body performs metabolic reactions. Water is a catalyst to increase these reactions. It is, however, important to note that water intake cannot be fixed for everyone. Here is how you should calculate how much water you need. Calculate half your body weigh in ounces. This is the minimum amount of water you need to drink every day.

Limit use of SugarLimit use of Sugar

Extra sugar is stored as fat in the body, while you are working specifically on your hips it is very important that you do not consume extra sugar. One cannot nullify the use of sugar as it is not only important for the body but also a taste addiction for many of us. People cannot live without eating sweets. There are however many ways to eat sweet and not increase sugar level. You can work on a plan to reduce sugar consumption starting from today.

Fat Burning Creams and Pills

There are a lot of websites and marketing firms that advertise fat burning pills or creams, there are a few medicines that may expedite metabolic processes and, therefore, reduce body fat. It is however imperative that you should not listen to random people about using any creams of pills. I would rather suggest not to waste your time using such medicine. If there were any formulas to lose fats so easily then neither I would have been writing this article nor would you have been so worried about your extra hip fat. It would have been an easy thing. Well, it is not that simple is it? There is however one good reason for eating such medicines. That is described below.

  • In some cases, disturbed hormones result in collecting extra fats around the hip area. Such as high levels of the female hormone estrogen. This is when you need medical attention. Perhaps you should see a doctor before assuming anything regarding this. Once you get your hormonal changes normal, you are ready to work on all the aforementioned tips to get rid of hip fat.
  • Poor blood circulation is another reason that causes extra fat, this is again a matter of medical care. Although drinking water and other foods mentioned earlier in the articles are of great help in maintaining blood circulation, there are cases when the cause of poor blood circulation can only be dealt with by consulting a specialist.


If there are any changes that you want in your body, reducing hip fats should be one of them because hip fats destroy your beauty. Working on the aforementioned tips will enable you to get rid of the fats and be confident about yourself and your looks. Beauty is after all what we all deserve to have.


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