How to Get Rid of Sunburn

Sunburn can occur anytime in any season but is most likely to occur in summer season, awkward tans and enforcing people to cover up their faces, the inflammation and reddening that are the results of an exposure to extra violet rays of the sun, your skin gets peeled and blistered due to the more than required exposure of such violet rays. The changing skin color makes you look weird and gives you a lot of stress to deal with. Perhaps sunburn is no big problem to deal with if treated timely and properly.

How to get rid of sunburn

However sunburn can be easily cured by treating it with simple home remedies, to avoid all the side effects of going out and enjoying in sun on a weekend are listed below, these remedies will help you and your skin to stay firm, and will also stop your skin to get reddened or inflammated.

How to get rid of sunburn fast:

Sunburn can be treated with different remedies, some require less and some require more than less time to give you some relief with your sunburn.

Following are some home remedies you can try to get rid of your sunburn as fast as you can, also the remedies mentioned below will not help you soothing your burn, itching, and uneasiness but will also protect you from it getting more severe.

  • Compressed milk (cool):

Milk is the most consumed drink after water. Due to its naturally cooling effect, many find it easy to drink even with normal temperature to improve their skin quality and maintain their health and fitness. However Cool milk compress is one of the most nicest, easiest and cheapest way to get rid of sunburn effectively by just sitting home, the coolness of a milk will give you the relief from the heat that caused you the sunburn, and the protein layer will help you to protect your skin and will help to heal it from any further discomfort.

  • Aloe-Vera lotion:

Like most of the ‘gifted’ plants, aloe-Vera is considered to be most beneficial for your skin and its problems. Where aloe-Vera helps in getting cure from acne problems it also has great benefits for sunburn issues. So, aloe-Vera can be a best remedy to get rid of sunburn scars as well.

After you get a sunburn takes a long careful shower and then pat your skin dry, start then applying an aloe-vera lotion to your body, as aloe-vera gives you an excellent healing because of the coolness it offers, the gel of an aloe-vera contains alcoholic properties which will help your skin to get dry and will heal your sunburn for much longer.

If you want even better results try applying an aloe-vera gel by directly breaking the stalk from an aloe-vera plant, the fresh gel will give you more effective and long lasting results.

  • Cold shower:

Water is a gifted mineral for human existence. It is also one of the very important earth elements (water, fire, air etc) that help in human survival on earth. You must have heard about putting your finger in tap water after it gets burned to eliminate the burning effect of the heat. Similarly taking a long cold shower can relief you much from the itching and uneasiness of your sunburn, you can reduce the severity of a burn by staying in a cold shower from 2 to 10 minutes. Sunburn causes you the itching which is easily released by taking long cold showers.

  • Drink water:

After rushing to other remedies, consider drinking sufficient amount of water also for your inner self-sustenance. Because of the sunburn your body gets the excessive amount of heat within it, that is supposed to fade by taking cold shower and many other techniques including the consumption of water, cold water. The heat of sunburn also causes you the dehydration, therefore, increase the consumption by drinking few extra pints of water for some days.

  • Avoid extra touch-ups:

Skin is one of the most sensitive and delicate organs of a human body. Therefore, it needs extra care and precautions. Since you are bearing the trouble of sunburn, it is very important for you to be extra more careful with what you apply and wear, avoid applying makeup because of the sunburn effects on your skin and also make sure you don’t use any perfumes or fragrances. Do not also use any acne medication to avoid further more complications.

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How to get rid of sunburn overnight:

Sunburn can not only be treated and treated fast but can also be treated overnight. If you got affected by the sunburn and want to get rid of it overnight, you must try the following remedies. Following are the techniques you can use to get treated overnight from the sunburn.

  • Cold compresses:

Take for about 3 ice cubes wrap them in a damp paper towel with few layers and press this compress on the affected area of your skin, keep moving the compress on the required area for about 5 minutes.

  • Steep black tea bags (4):

Make the black tea and let it get lukewarm after then remove the tea bags from the cup and place the tea bags on affected area of your skin, the inflammation is reduced by the tannins, also the tea is applicable to applied on the entire burnt area of your skin.

  • Avoid the sun:

Where sunlight is one of the sources to sustain and survive on earth, it has few problems if, not dealt with precautions. Sunburn is caused because of the excessive violet rays of sun, however it is then very important to get yourself away from the sun as soon as possible if you start feeling the burn and heat of sun that is unbearable for you.

  • Apple cider vinegar:

Among all the types of vinegars, apple cider vinegar is one of the most effectively used vinegars for skin treatments. It is widely used in making of different homemade masks, scrubs and etc. It acts as an astringent if you apply the apple cider vinegar topically for sunburn. Treating a sunburn with apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the quickest and effective remedies of its times. Apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of sunburn since the ancient times. The tissues of your body are shrink because of the astringent, apple cider vinegar is helpful in curing many other problems like pH levels of the skin burnt which will help the acidity level to balance. If the sunburn you are dealing with is just a mild one then use the apple cider vinegar once or twice a day.

  • Coconut oil:

Coconut has already been useful and beneficial to improve your skin quality and color complexion. Apart from consuming raw coconut and coconut water, coconut oil is even really useful in different ways for your skin.

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However Oil is generally avoided to use on any heat related affect or problem, but there are certain exemptions to it as well. Coconut oil is considered to be the one best remedy helpful in curing your sunburn. Coconut oil is also applied as sunburn in the cold tropical places of a world where the temperature raises quietly often; coconut oil has also got the healing agents or properties for sunburn affected people.

  • Use antibacterial sprays on affected areas:

The use of antibacterial sprays on affected areas will lead to further prevent from getting an allergic problem. This will help in healing from any broken open areas. If not taken care, these broken open areas may encounter any skin infection. So to avoid any further spread of the after effects of sunburn, use antibacterial sprays on that area which is left broken open.

  • See a doctor:

If no remedy or nothing else works in treating your sunburn, it is better to go and see a doctor. Maybe you have the skin allergy or anything else that isn’t suiting up with any home remedy. In order to avoid all the side effects, you can get by, not treating your sunburn properly it is important for you to visit your doctor.

Doctors have the capability of identifying the disease and the roots of it much more properly, and can also guide you with your skin type details and conditions that aren’t suiting up with any of the home remedy so of next time ever you get a sunburn you are aware of all the details of it. The proper check up along with all the necessary tests would be conducted to treat you well. And the medication also is prescribed by the doctors accordingly. Sunburn is not only treated by home remedies but also by different medicines, tubes, creams, gel, and many other things. Your doctor will help you to define what stage you are currently in and what medication will be most suitable for the type of sunburn you have got.  Along with the proper treatment and medication, your doctor might ask you to revisit the clinic for complete satisfaction of his and yours as well.

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